Resilio Connects’ Peer to peer has several advantages: it’s faster, it reduces the load on the server, and it’s an efficient use of infrastructure.

Below, we share with you a brief history of the evolution of speed in communication systems. Our world is moving fast and is steadily demanding the power of P2P base technology.

Peer to peer systems is fundamentally unique in one key way. In these systems, every “consumer” is also a “producer.” Using the language of the client-server model, each participant is both “client” and “server”. In this way, peer to peer systems become organically scalable. As more demand emerges for any content, so does more supply. As demand grows, the system becomes incredibly fault tolerant and actually gets faster, in sharp contrast to the client-server model, which gets noticeably slower under the same circumstances.

Resilio is the first company to combine P2P, rsync and WAN Optimization, three of the most powerful data transmission technologies, into one single solution. Leveraging these technologies, Resilio delivers the fastest speeds across a broad array of network speeds common to the modern Enterprise.

Check out the rest of the story on why P2P is the fastest way for data to travel:

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