Overcoming Poor Connectivity. Any network will do.

In many cases network reliability and availability are far from certain. This is a natural condition in remote areas, developing countries and even in the far reaches of your business such as retail chains and remote offices. The Internet of Things promises to bring this condition to even more of the Internet with the rise of mobile workforces, connected vehicles, countless industrial applications and beyond.

The distributed architecture of Resilio Connect and its independence from the Internet makes it uniquely suited to move data under such conditions in ways the cloud never can.

Resilio Connect converts your infrastructure into a meshed network, where network and CPU load are distributed from centralized servers to clients and endpoints. Data flows from all clients, ensuring that the optimal path is used at all times. The peer-to-peer mesh network automatically serves any piece of a file from any client that has it. This leverages every single Resilio Connect client in your network, reducing the load on your servers and internet channels, and improving the availability to your data and infrastructure.
Resilio Connect takes the best of BitTorrent peer-to-peer networking experience to build a resilient transfer protocol designed to overcome network failures, and efficiently resume failed transfers.

Derived from the compact and lightweight uTorrent engine, the Resilio client is able to operate in the tightest spaces and has been embedded in numerous platforms. This capable workhorse makes it perfect for a wide array of IoT applications. It’s ability to leverage low bandwidth and intermittent connectivity as well as the fully meshed and scalable nature of Resilio’s distributed architecture means getting data to or from millions of endpoints is easily within reach. The distributed architecture of Resilio represents the only viable and scalable future for IoT messaging and data delivery.

Free from the scaling limits and frequent failures of a centralized point of distribution, it’s like having the performance of a local data center in every remote location, without the cost or administrative overhead. This software solution organically scales itself to the demands of any job without scaling your budget to invest in more centralized infrastructure. Resilio Connect is easily the most efficient technology on the market for moving big data to many endpoints.

  • Retail:  Avoid overloading limited connections to every store pulling the same update down again and again. Resilio is easy on the weak links and reliably gets the job done without resorting to FedEx.
  • Emerging markets:  Let’s face it, the US and European technology vendors build solutions that assume the network in your market is as good as the one they operate in. But not every region has good infrastructure. Resilio’s rich API can make ANY data-driven application work, even if you’re developing something that has to work on the limited networks of the developing world.
  • Vehicles: Get data to and from 1000’s of vehicles when they come in network range. Mesh vehicles together to create a distributed networking environment for all.
  • Drones: Need a way to move that big video from your drone fleet? Resilio reliably moves big data, providing automated offload when in range of your wifi enabled base of operations.
  • Industrial Sensors: Resilio can operate with intermittent network connectivity, making it perfect for industrial applications where the Internet isn’t always available.
  • Body & Dash cams: There is no better solution to offload big video assets from thousands of cameras once they roll into wifi range at the base of operations. If a camera is called to duty before an offload is complete, Resilio will pick up right where it left off in return.
  • IoT: Resilio scales in ways no centralized solution can. IoT demands a new way of thinking. A resilient and distributed solution from Resilio is the only viable future for IoT messaging and software updates to avoid costly and embarrassing security vulnerabilities that otherwise expose your customers waiting for the device update cycle.
  • The resilient transfer protocol will overcome any network and system failures.
  • Peer-to-peer technology allows synchronization between millions of endpoints.
  • Failed transfers will resume from the point of failure. No unnecessary retransmission of data.
  • Compact and lightweight. Easy integration into any system or platform (Raspberry Pi & Arduino to high-end servers).
  • Does not require Internet connectivity, works for air-gap applications.
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