If you want to build something resilient on the Internet, you’d better start with a P2P system in mind.

The client-server model is quite fragile, and as an industry, we spend way too much money trying to build in the necessary redundancy to make it all semi-fault-tolerant. Even with all of this wasted effort and energy, you’re stuck with one set of infrastructure that MUST be robust enough to service ALL of your peak demand. And no matter what, that will be expensive at any kind of scale.

If you are in a job that’s paid to make sure things DON’T break, then the Client-Server model is something of a nightmare. You’ll never be able to sleep at night when a single point of failure, somewhere on the Internet can take down the entire system.

By contrast, Peer to Peer systems is naturally resilient. In such systems, there are numerous ways to get the data, and spread the load evenly throughout. Moreover, the more demand you bring, the stronger, faster and more resilient the entire system becomes. It’s little wonder that systems like BitTorrent can operate at Internet scale with zero dedicated infrastructure. And if we can do that much for the Internet, imagine what we could do for your toughest jobs.

Resilio is built on BitTorrent and brings all of the amazing resiliency and efficiency that has been battle tested by millions of consumers across the world. There has never been a systemic failure of BitTorrent. You can’t say that about the cloud, and even Amazon goes down from time to time, taking your favourite site or service along with it.

That’s a failure of architecture and a failure of good engineering. Our mission at Resilio is to enable the edge of the network, and the only viable solution for such a mission is peer to peer.

As the old saying goes, Many Hands Make Light Work.

That’s peer to peer in a nutshell!

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