Resilio Connect

The Fastest Way to Move Files

Deploy OS Packages & Updates Over Any Network

Deploy system updates to emergency vehicles,
vessels, and planes faster than anything you have
seen before. Connect operates over your
existing infrastructure and uses P2P technology
and WAN acceleration to overcome any network

Collect and Backup Operational Data

Consolidate data from multiple vehicles with
Connect’s robust data consolidation system.
Stop wasting time waiting for vehicles to
come in close proximity to pull their data.

Synchronize Multiple Locations

Our distributed peer-to-peer architecture
seamlessly combines the power of every
endpoint to deliver data faster and more
reliable than traditional point
to point solutions.


Distribute Data

Update software & data reliably. 100% file delivery success using our unique peer-to-peer architecture.

Selective Sync

Download only the files that they need, without having to replicate entire folders on every device.

Consolidate Data

Consolidate data from 1000s of machines. Collect performance reports, CCTV videos, transaction logs, or any other file you need.

Cross Platform

Run on any OS. Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android, and all major NAS solutions.

WAN Acceleration

Utilize 100% of the available bandwidth in your network independent of distance, latency, or loss.

Bandwidth Scheduler

Set bandwidth usage limits based on time-of-day or day-of-week. Create different schedules profiles for different jobs and agent groups.

LDAP Authentication

Use your LDAP / AD credentials to manage Connect.

Private & Secure

Transfer files over end-to-end encrypted connections. State of the art security that was reviewed and verified by 3rd party experts. Your data only touches devices you own.

Splunk Integration for Events

Pair Splunk & Connect together to receive detailed logs and notifications of Connect events through Splunk.

Control via API

Script any Connect functionality using a powerful REST API. Manage agents, create groups, control jobs, or report on data transfers.

Automate Workflows

Use custom scripts to install software, modify settings, etc. Scripts can be made OS-specific and written in any language.

Multi-Level User Roles

Improve data management security by adding multi level admins. Limit who can modify settings and who is allowed to add new users.

P2P: The Fastest Way to Move Data